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Offshore Vessel Inspections (OVID)

International Marine Experts (IME) inspectors are accredited by the Oil Companies International Forum (OCIMF) to perform OVID Inspections.

Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID) is an inspection protocol that will allow project and marine assurance teams to assess the safety and environment performance of a vessel and its operators in a more effective and uniform manner. Also, it helps make effective marine assurance process overcome the weakness of traditional checklist inspection schemes.

To have good OVID records are important for Off-Shore vessels. Many OVID observations can be avoided by good preparations. To have an external entity visiting the vessel for a pre-inspection a couple of days before an OVID inspection is often a very profitable investment.

OVID may be scaled to include other inspection/audit types; inclusion of these will be subject to the oil company needs. Inspections are tailored to the operations that the commissioning company is interested in.

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