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P&I Surveys

International Marine Experts (IME) provides the entire scope of surveys to be carried out on behalf of Mutual and Fixed Premium P&I Clubs and Liability Underwriters.

IME has conducted numerous surveys on behalf of P&I Clubs. Our surveys included, open-hatch, Oil Spills, pre-shipment, pre-entry, damage and follow-up surveys. We undertake services including cargo damage and vessel condition surveys, incident investigation (including issues of navigation and ship management) and collision, grounding or contact incidents. 

We focus on cargo worthiness and act proactively, in assisting Master and Crew, for mitigating the risk of cargo damage.

Our surveyors are Certified Operators qualified for Hatch Covers Ultrasonic Tightness Test with the Class Type Approved Sherlog TA.

IME offers the following scope of P&I survey services:

⚫ Pre-entry and routine condition surveys

⚫ Loss prevention surveys

⚫ Collision, FFO, pollution and other casualties

⚫ Ultrasonic leak testing of hatch covers

⚫ Draft and ullage surveys

⚫ Entire scope of cargo surveys

⚫ Personnel injury and death

⚫ Oil Spills


Marine Warranty Surveys

IME is recognized as one of leading companies in marine warranty surveys, which consists of providing independent third party review and approval of the planning, design and execution of high value / high risk marine construction and transportation operations (marine operations) on behalf of underwriters and their assureds, and for self-insured parties.

We focus in assessing the risks undertaken by Underwriters and act proactively by rectifying defects and deficiencies, in order to mitigate such risks.

Our approach to assurance ensures clients achieve a positive outcome for even the most challenging projects, while risks are mitigated and minimised. All work is reviewed in accordance with IMO safe stowage standards and with many years of practical experience with lashing and lifting materials.

Marine warranty survey services may be required for any large, unusual and/or high value item in the marine environment.

We have had surveyors oversee many large vessel loadings onto heavy lift ships including the luxury motor yachts and ship loaders for iron ore ports.

We have warranted numerous ocean tows, including salvaged vessels, barges, dredges and unique structures.

Among IME warranty surveys services include:

⚫ Towage approval

⚫ Voyage approval

⚫ Shipyard surveys

⚫ Fire precautions and firefighting arrangements

⚫ Mooring approval

⚫ Lay-up and re-activation approvals

⚫ Vessel condition surveys

⚫ Vessel suitability<

⚫ Cargo load-out, stowage and securing approvals

⚫ Multimodal cargo transportation


Hull & Machinery Surveys

International Marine Experts (IME) provides availability of surveyors to attend on behalf of Hull and Machinery Underwriters at Panama and at all major ports in Latin America to determine the cause, nature and extent of damage and report back on potential insurance claims.

A casualty may result from collision, machinery breakdown, fire, stranding, water ingress or indeed many other causes. Whatever the circumstances our surveyors have the necessary expertise to assist you.  

If a casualty related survey is required, where the damage has been caused by collision, stranding, fire, heavy weather, machinery or cargo gear breakdown or other perils, IME will provide detailed damage assessment, repair supervision, approval of repair specifications and review of repair invoices.

IME regularly provides the following services:

⚫ Hull and Machinery damage surveys—collision, stranding, fire, heavy weather, machinery damage, cargo gear, etc.

⚫ Hull and Machinery condition surveys

⚫ Hull and Machinery pre-entry surveys

⚫ General and particular average

⚫ Supervision of ship repairs

⚫ Approval of repair specifications

IME has an international resource network comprised of a team of proven industry specialists drawn from a broad but complementary range of marine and transportation risk disciplines including Naval Architects, Marine Engineers, Nautical Surveyors and Security experts.


On-Hire/Off-Hire Surveys

On-Hire/Off-Hire Surveys of vessels or marine structures are held either before is delivered into a charter or re-deliver from a charter.

The purpose of these surveys is principally to determine the extent of damage, other than fair wear and tear, which may have occurred to the ship between two dates, usually those of the commencement and termination of charter. Whilst the determination of damage is the principle purpose of the two requisite reports, one being at the “on hire” survey and the other at the “off hire” survey.

As part of these surveys we verify the general condition of the vessel, check the documents and certificates, establish the quantities of fuel on board and sometimes the establishment of the cleanliness of the cargo spaces.


Draft / Deadweight Surveys

IME draft surveys can improve your shipping accuracy with a wide range of commodities including grains, cement, coal, iron ore and fertilizers.

Draft surveys determine the weight of the cargo aboard the vessel. A draft survey can save substantial costs for the interested party. These surveys are done to determine the quantity of a bulk cargo loaded or discharged by reading the vessel's drafts, measuring the ballast water, fuel, diesel oil, and other liquids on board, and calculating the final quantity by using the vessel's approved dead-weight scales and tank tables.

Our global network of highly qualified draft surveyor's work to a defined draft survey protocol, resulting in accurate draft weights for you at load and discharge points. Dependable and consistent draft weights allow you to monitor and control shrinkage while limiting the financial risks associated with bulk cargo transactions.

In principle, draft surveys require only a measurement of the water displaced by the vessel before and after the cargo is transferred, along with a measurement of the water’s density. Water displacement is measured through draft marks on the ship and converted to a volume using draft tables. The weight of displaced water is calculated by multiplying its volume (displacement) by its density. The difference between the weights of water displaced before and after the cargo transfer will equal the weight of the fertilizer within measurement accuracy limits.

In practice, draft surveys are complicated procedures that require a highly qualified draft surveyor. Overall accuracy will depend on the surveyor’s skill in dealing with:

⚫ The varying density of sea or river water

⚫ Changes in quantity of ballast between initial and final draft readings

⚫ Changes in consumables on the vessel between initial and final draft readings (fuel oil, potable water, etc.)

⚫ Allowance for trim, list and deformation corrections (IME uses data from the vessel’s draft tables)

⚫ Accuracy of the ship’s draft tables

⚫ Condition of the vessel’s draft markings

⚫ Weather and sea conditions at the time of reading (pitch and swell)

⚫ Weight of the cargo loaded when compared to the total capacity of the vessel

⚫ Weather and day-light

IME has trained draft surveyors who work to a defined draft survey protocol. Raw data are fed into a spreadsheet format, which then calculates the weight loaded or discharged. This result is reviewed before being released to you and the raw data is retained for further review.

We also perform deadweight surveys to determine the amount of cargo a vessel could have loaded if all the available space were utilized to determine the loss of freight due to short shipment of cargo.


Pre-Purchase and Condition Survey

Whenever you are planning to buy an existing ship, you need an accurate survey of the vessel to help you evaluate the investment potential. On behalf of ship owners, finance houses and brokers, IME acts as an independent 3rd party is hired to undertake detailed condition surveys. IME gives a fully impartial, independent 3rd party vessel condition report, accepted by all major banking and finance institutions.

International Marine Experts (IME) provides independent surveys and reports of the current condition, class status and life history of a vessel. These can provide vital information to help evaluate a proposed investment.

By identifying potential problems, we can help reduce the business and technical risks you face when buying or chartering a second-hand vessel.

A full report on vessel tanks, hull, and any outstanding class or repair issues are noted in order to give a fully independent assessment of the vessel, her maintenance and expected reliability in service. An assessment is made of any expected areas of concern to the potential purchaser, and reported with the support of full colour photography.

We offer a range of services that aid buyers and charterers in decisions affecting the sale and purchase of ships. These independent services can help reduce the risk associated with second-hand vessel acquisition or charter, and they can be utilized individually or as a comprehensive package.


Yacht Surveys (Condition and Valuation)

IME offers pre-purchase inspections, sea trials, damage assessment and condition and valuations surveys for yachts.

International Marine Experts (IME) is a member of the American Boat Yacht Council (ABYC) and we are pleasure crafts surveyors recognized by the American Institute of Marine Underwriters (AIMU), Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS), National Association of Marine Surveyors (NAMS Global) and the International Institute of Marine Surveyors (IIMS).

Condition and Valuation Survey often called the "Insurance Survey," the main focus of this inspection is to evaluate the vessel’s structural integrity and condition of safety.  The survey evaluates any condition which could lead to sinking the vessel, causing a fire, or endangering the crew. This assessment is performed to enable the insurance Underwriter to evaluate the vessel's insurability and risk assessment.

Pre-Purchase is a more comprehensive inspection completed when purchasing a new or used vessel. It is a total inspection of the vessel to ascertain its condition and overall operational capability.

This report includes:

⚫ Operation of all equipment and systems while the vessel is in the water (electrical systems, navigation systems, propulsion systems, fuel systems, all machinery and electronics).

⚫ An out-of-water inspection of the running gear and a hull sounding.

⚫ Complete inspection of the whole interior structure where accessible.

⚫ Estimated local market value based on condition and general maintenance.

⚫ Findings and recommendations.

We make appraisals to establish a vessel's fair market value and to report that value to a lending institution.  An accurate appraisal is arrived at after a detailed inspection of the vessel's systems and overall seaworthiness.  An appraisal is also sought in establishing the value of older boats, engines and other marine property designated for tax-filing purposes.

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