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Marine Consultans

We perform supervision of transportation operations, Safety Audits, and ISM & ISPS Internal Audits.  Our professionals are available to serve as Expert Witnesses, and to assist law firms, P&I Clubs, Owners, or other involved parties with investigating, preparing, and substantiating their case.

Among the consultancy services provided by IME are:

⚫ ISM / ISPS Internal Audits @ Panama Canal

⚫ Panama Canal SOPEP Development and Authorized Person

Our consultancy and advisory services offer an ideal alternative when a specific survey is not applicable or appropriate. On occasions when investigations, studies, or owner representation is required, a Consulting Contract can offer the flexibility to get the job done. We also specialize in:

⚫ Supervision of routine and unscheduled dry docking of ships.

⚫ Investigating the causes of engines and machinery damage.

⚫ Owner´s representative during the purchase of vessels.

⚫ Technical Expertise & Testimony.

⚫ Ship and Port Facilities Security and Assessment and Security Plan.

⚫ ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System Consultancy.

⚫ ISO 17020 / 2012 Quality Management System Consultancy.

⚫ Safety Management System SMS (ISM Code) Audit Service.

⚫ Security Plan (ISPS Code) Audit Service.

⚫ Marine Superintendency.

In addition, International Marine Experts (IME) provides consultancy services with regard to cargo loss or contamination claims and loss prevention.



IME offers Internal ISM Audits on behalf of Ship Managers/Owners/Operators Technical Departments during their visit of the Panama Canal and neighbouring ports. We can provide a cost effective reliable service that allows Managers/Owners/Operators reduce overhead costs while complying with the requirements of the codes.

IME is highly experience in carrying out complete and reliable on-hire/off-hire surveys for Charterers/Owners. Our reports provide a comprehensive service at the initiation and/or completion of the charter period.

International regulations require vessels to have in place a safety management system and security plan that has been reviewed and approved by a Recognized Security Organization (RSO).  These regulations are the International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and for Pollution Prevention (ISM), and the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. 


Panama Canal SOPEP Preparation & Authorized Person (AP)

International Marine Experts (IME) offers Panama Canal SOPEP preparation, approval and implementation services. We can act as Authorized Person for Ship Managers/Owners/Operators to comply with the SOPEP requirements of the Panama Canal.

We have an extensive experience designing, developing, and maintaining thousands of Panama Canal SOPEP´S. We maintain Full-time staff that are solely dedicated to act as authorized persons and PCSOPEP development.

IME is Authorized (AP) to respond any oil spill emergencies at the Panama Canal.

The Panama Canal Authority (APC) requires that an Autorized Person (AP) is named in the Panama Canal Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (PCSOPEP).

The Authorized Person Requirements are:

⚫ Must live in Panama.

⚫ Must be familiar with the PCSOPEP.

⚫ Serves as a liaison between the Vessel and the Panama Canal Authority.

⚫ Must have general Knowledge of Incident Management System.


MLC consultancy

The Maritime Labour Convention 2006, applies to ships of 500 GT or over, engaged in international voyages. IME can support ship-owners to achieve their MLC 2006 requirement needs step-by-step. We can offer you a prompt and effective consultancy, due to our wide knowledge of flag state requirements.

ISO 9001 consultancy

IME offers internal consultancy services for quality management systems, in need to assess their effectiveness, achieving acceptable standards and to identify points for improvement. Using a flexible and cost-effective approach, our qualified auditors have served organizations of all sizes helping them on their quality management system development and implementation needs.

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