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International Marine Experts (IME) provides a global service to lawyers, underwriters, P&I clubs and ship owners to investigate, report and act as an expert witness on marine and energy casualties.

Using a combination of first-class marine engineers, experienced nautical surveyors and naval architecs, we can determine the cause, nature and extent of collisions, groundings and other marine incidents. Our expertise extends to the investigation of fixed and floating object damage, the consequences of fuel contamination, hull and machinery damage, navigation and seamanship, pollution, shipboard operations, shipbuilding and ship repair disputes, and seaworthiness.

In addition to establishing the technical causes of casualties, our surveyors can prepare a damage and repair report. Capable of providing a round-the-clock response from our worldwide locations, we have a well-established record of assisting clients on technical matters for litigation purposes.

We go beyond recording and simply reporting the physical damage, providing continuous guidance to our Principals throughout the process of Casualty Management.

We assist in the tendering and repair process, being involved with negotiations and settlement of the repair costs, having gained deep knowledge of shipyards’ practices and costing in the regions we operate.

We produce detailed specifications of damage repairs on both hull and machinery major casualties, on which we have a particular expertise.

We carry out investigations into the “root cause” of major machinery failures in order to prevent re-occurrence.

We are actively involved in the process of crew interviews, jointly with appointed Solicitors on major fire, collision and total loss investigations.

⚫ Grounding & Flooding

⚫ Collision/Contact

⚫ Fire & Explosion

⚫ Heavy Weather

⚫ Machinery Failure/Crankshaft Damage

⚫ Casualty Investigation (Total Loss)

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