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Quality Policy

Our long traditions and values, based on the efficiency, integrity, credibility, professionalism and high sense of responsibility of our staff, entitle our customers and relevant interested parties, to expect that the services offered to them cover their needs and expectations, in the sense of our commitment to comply with ISO 9001, 17020 Standards requirements and IFIA Principles and Regulations, including the improvement of the effectiveness of our quality management system.

IME Management in the frame of its commitments:

Establishes measurable quality objectives for providing our customers with clear, reliable, accurate impartial and speedy services giving to quality the highest priority.

Ensuring that quality policy, objectives are well understood by the personnel and adopting the principle of continuous improvement.

Provides the necessary resources for the productive and effective function of all company’s departments.

Reviews and improves the risk management and procedures followed for improving the effectiveness of the quality system to enhance customers and relevant interested parties’ satisfaction by meeting their needs and expectations complying with all applicable requirements and the understanding of the context of the organization.

Reviews the Quality Policy, Quality Objectives and QMS in order to maintain its continuous suitability.

Determines and manages the numerous link activities needed, in order to enable the transformation of inputs into valuable outputs, thus establishing the necessary “Risk Management”.

Invests in the continuous awareness and training of the personnel so as to enhance quality in every activity.

To promote a spirit of inspiration in our employees, surveyors and suppliers through the quality culture, commitment and cooperation.

Recognizes and awards teamwork as well as every individual effort leading to improvement.

On behalf of IME we undertake the obligation to implement the quality policy throughout the Company and to observe all its provisions.

We delegate the Quality Assurance Committee to ensure that this commitment is respected throughout the Society.

We call every member of IME to participate in attaining this goal with enthusiasm, professionalism, team spirit and high sense of responsibility.

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