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Flag State Inspections

Most Flag State Administrations have in place a system of periodical inspection, normally are perform by Approved Nautical Inspectors.

International Marine Experts (IME) carries out flag state inspections and accident investigations on behalf of a number of flag state authorities. The inspections are carried out to ensure that registered ships meet a satisfactory standard.

Flag State inspections are normally carried out prior to a ship being accepted into a Registry, and Annually thereafter. Inspections are comprehensive and include inspection and verification of documentation and procedures, general examination of the ship structure, machinery and equipment, and operational testing of lifesaving and firefighting apparatus.


IME represents the maritime administrations of Panama, Barbados, Jamaica, Luxembourg, Liberia, Marshall Islands, Vanuatu, Antigua and Barbuda as flag state inspector in our area of coverage in order to perform Annual Safety Inspections and Accident Investigations on their behalf. We also perform International Safety Management Code (ISM Code) International Ship Security Code (ISPS Code) and Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) audits on behalf of Liberian Registry (LISCR).

Our mission is to offer our customers quality, swift, cost effective and timely marine surveys and consultancy services, especially focusing on the maritime industry world wide.
As a maritime company with headquarters in Panama, we have as our mission the objective of raising the professional standards and the international maritime image of the Republic of Panama, offering honest and high quality services.
Dedication, professionalism and the highest standards in the fulfillment of our quality policy are the focal points of our dealings in our relationship with the Maritime Community and our customers.

To become a recognized worldwide leader in independent marine surveying and consulting services with the highest quality standards.
⚫ IME believes in keep innovating and improving in order to provide you with the best value added, reliable, quality-oriented services for marine surveying and consulting.
⚫ We believe in been a strategic partner for the maritime industry in order to help create a maritime world with fewer accidents and free of substandard ships, resulting from irresponsible ship owners.
⚫ IME and its employees firmly believe that Profits and Safety should never be in competition.

At IME, continuous improvement is incorporated into every engagement we undertake. Our Quality Management System, certified under ISO 9001 and 17020. In addition, IME is the first Panamanian company to become a member of the International Federation of Inspection Agencies IFIA, organization that covers the world leaders in the field of testing, inspection and certification.

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