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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is applicable to the Board of Directors, officers and employees of International Marine Experts (IME), Overseas Marine Certification Services (OMCS CLASS) and Bierman Pautt. It also applies to OMCS promoting agents, surveyors or service supplier’s providers, freelance surveyors/inspectors without exceptions, while in their performance of work on behalf of the foregoing Group of Companies. The objective of this code is to insure behavior based on honesty, integrity, impartiality and good conduct in the pursuance of their activities.

Key elements of our ethics program include the following:


Our code of conduct applies to all employees. It describes our core values, which should be incorporated into every business decision. The code also lays out our conduct and conflict of interest standards and highlights key compliance topics. We urge our representatives and surveyors to adopt the same standards that we adhere to. We remind all Staff and Members that we are bound to observe the TSCI Statute and Ethic Norms.



Act ethically and with integrity.

Never participate in transactions or financial operations for personal benefit that could generate a conflict of interest.


Communicate honestly and openly.

Always report any observance of fraud, abuse or corruption involving organizational business to compliance@ime.com.pa or compliance@omcsclass.org


Take active responsibility for the quality of service we provide to customers. Treat all information received during the provision of our services, as business confidential. Have a fair conduct of marketing, being truthful and not deceptive or misleading or likely to mislead.


Demonstrate commitment to improving the health and well-being of the sea-going environment that we serve.

Be responsible with the community and the impact of our activities taking care oceans, seas and coastal communities.


IME Group approach to business is based upon a core set of values known as the IME Group Values and Ethical Code. These values are consistent with the ethical conduct of IME Group business at all times and the Group has established this Business Ethics Code.

The purpose of this Business Ethics Code is to ensure that managers and employees have a detailed understanding of the group’s minimum standards of operation and the expectations of our customers and stakeholders.

It is essential that the ethical business standards set out in this Code are applied in all IME Group businesses in order to prevent persons or organizations external to the organization from influencing the results of IME Group services carried out. Our senior managers are therefore required to show their personal commitment by regularly endorsing this policy and confirming compliance within their own areas of responsibility. All IME Group senior managers are also required to ensure this policy is communicated annually to all managers.

We are committed to these standards and routinely monitor compliance across the organization, taking necessary action in the unlikely event that they are not being met. The standards reflect the values which define us as an organization and we will continuously review these standards to ensure they remain appropriate. Demonstrating and living up to these values by adhering to the standards set out in the policy and code is the responsibility of every employee across the organization.

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